Saturday, 11 February 2017

10 Skills You Can Learn Online And Never Be Poor

Money bring smile and joy but poverty is a big problem that can affect you mentally, emotionally and otherwise. I opened this website to assist you in any way i can when it comes to making money to take care of your needs. Having a skill is very important if you want to make it in life, it will help you to have self confidence in yourself and not be all that afraid of your future. The good news is that there are many skills out there for you to learn and don't worry about the time spent in learning this skills for it will do a lot of good later on. We spend a lot of time visiting Facebook, twitter and the rest of them but its time to convert that to something useful that might even become a source of livelihood for you. Today i will be lecturing about skills you can learn either by yourself or being mentored by someone.
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Friday, 10 February 2017

30 Best Web Directories To Submit Your Website

Making money from blogging is one of the best feelings ever, but its not always fun at the beginning following the stress one passes through to make it. Posting contents in your blog is not the end of blogging you need to bring people to the website, just like we have telephone directories, we also have Website directories. Website directories are websites you can submit your website to in other for you to get a traffic from there and this also serves as a back link for your blog. Each Web directory website have categories where people submit there website to, according to the category that matches there website content.
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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

22 Simplest Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog For Free

We are still in the topic of making money from your blog. Traffic determines all you do in blogging, without it you are just wasting your time. Getting traffic to your blog is one of the most hardest thing to do and also one the most simplest thing to do if the proper technique is used. I will simplify this as simple as possible to make it easy for you to understand. If you have got the cash to spend is very easy, you can simply spend it by paying social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and so on, or moreover you can pay ad companies like Google Adword, etc, or you pay to popular websites to advertise for you. But what what of those who don't have anything on them or who don't want to spend much? Yes that's what am here to talk about. Let's analyse the ways you can do this.
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Sunday, 5 February 2017

How To Earn Much Money From Online Surveys

I will start this article by defining what an online survey means. An online survey is simply a questionnaire that is sent to the target audience usually through emails that they complete and submit over the internet. No one is ready to do this for free by wasting his time giving a company a feedback about their products, so the companies usually give out some incentives which includes either in monetary terms, wining a prize or some shopping credits you can redeem from an online shopping mall. On a general note, companies and organisations use this method to know what their customers want and how they feel about their products or the other way round, it is also used to get basic demographic information such as age, education level and so on. We will take a look at online survey sites that pays;
Note: None of this will make you rich, but it sure does add some few dollars to your pocket and please do this as a part time job and not as your main job.
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