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22 Simplest Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog For Free

We are still in the topic of making money from your blog. Traffic determines all you do in blogging, without it you are just wasting your time. Getting traffic to your blog is one of the most hardest thing to do and also one the most simplest thing to do if the proper technique is used. I will simplify this as simple as possible to make it easy for you to understand. If you have got the cash to spend is very easy, you can simply spend it by paying social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and so on, or moreover you can pay ad companies like Google Adword, etc, or you pay to popular websites to advertise for you. But what what of those who don't have anything on them or who don't want to spend much? Yes that's what am here to talk about. Let's analyse the ways you can do this.

1. Type of Niche: Niche is the type of things you blog about or the interests you are focusing on in your blog. Choosing the right niche is the first step to getting traffic, because you have to know your target audience and how many they are. You can't compare someone who posts about technology with someone whose blog is all about literature books. They can't have the same traffic when equal input are made within the two blogs. Everyone makes use of technological stuffs in one way or the other but not all are interested in literature books. You can check NICHES you can blog about.  So choose wisely.

2. SEO: this means search engine optimization, it's all about making your blog to appear in search engines, I won't go into much details about this, but just know that posting original content and having a target audience is the first step to succeed in this. Search engine can give you all the traffic you will ever need more than any other means. The Traffic here are from search engines which includes Google search, Yahoo search engine and bing. To get traffic with this method you need to enter a niche that doesn't have much competition in it.

3. Social Networking sites: you maybe surprised how I brought back this topic again, since I said you can pay Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites to get traffic from them. Well, it's not always so, let me explain some simple ways you can make it in social media:

Facebook: One of the best ways to succeed here is by creating a group and making it to have much members, make sure the group is talking about what you post in your blog, you can restrict other members from posting there. It's very simple invite your friends and tell your friends in Facebook to invite their friends too, you can have up to 5000 members through this means then update it with links to your website. Another means is to share your posts automatically to your wall. There are plug ins that can do this automatically for you if you are using WordPress like jet pack, or you can use twitter feed if you using blogger platform.

Twitter: you can increase your twitter followers here and use your profile to share the posts from your blog, include the harsh tag that's trending in twitter concerning your update by adding it to your post, for better tips check my post About how to increase your twitter followers.

Reddit: is a social networking website where you submit your contents which can be text posts or links. It has millions of users and people vote posts submitted, if the post you submitted gets lots of votes it means a lot of traffic to your blog. This website has subreddits which are different topics and each of them have rules. Please read the rules before submitting to that subreddit in other not to banned.

StumbleUpon: As the name suggests, you stumble on a webpage you love and submit it to them. Apart from this feature, you can follow people and interests, see what your friends have shared and browse popular trending posts.

Pinterest: Don't underestimate the power of pinterest. Though its all about images but using an attractive image and pining it to your board with a captivating heading can bring huge traffic to your blog.

4. Email List: Everyone have this belief after visiting a nice website that they will come back again for more but chances are there they won't ever come back again most of the times due to busy schedules. If you have not been using this you are missing a lot. It's very important for you to get and maintain your fans. This is one of the oldest method of getting traffic but it still remains one of the best You can use the free email marketing service like Feed burner.

5. Write a Guest post: Writing a guest post to blogs that have more traffic than you increases your popularity and also gets you a backlink, but make sure both of you are in the same niche before you contact them through email. Here are the points to have in mind in this aspect;

a. Getting a no from top bloggers is well expected but that shouldn't discourage you from still trying others.
b. The post you want to send to the other blogger have to be an original content and easy to read and understand.
c. Make sure the post you want to give out is well written and researched on.

6. Web Directories: submit your website to Web directories. Simply select the category of your website and submit it, people often visit this websites to look for a particular type of website in the numerous categories. You can check my posts about list of Web directories you can submit your website to.

7. Comment on people's blogs: When you make a nice contribution by commenting on other blogs regularly you become known with the admin of that blog which can lead to them visiting your blog or accepting your guest posts. While using this method make sure you comment on popular blogs that have authority in that niche.

8. Publishing of longer contents: research have shown that contents that are original and long ranks well in search engines. Here, we are not talking about only quantity but quality too. Google ranks long comprehensive articles high and those articles are shared more to other blogs and social networking websites. The reason why this occurs is because longer contents of about 2000 words and above have lots of long-tail keywords.

9. Publish regularly: When i say publish regularly i don't mean publishing daily. The problem with new bloggers is that they think that publishing daily will increase their traffic, but that's not the case here. Minimum of 16 well written comprehensive posts per month is a good way to.

10. Internal linking: Linking to other blog posts in your blog will go a long way in keeping your visitors in your blog which in turn reduces your bounce rate. You may ask what is bounce rate? according to google definition; its the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. The first step to do this is adding related posts to your blog.

11. Use of pictures or images in your blog posts: We all love pictures, writing lots of articles without pictures doesn't make the article appealing according to research. Check out tips on how to do that at Shopify.

12. Best time to post: This is another aspect you have to take note of in your blogging career. As a blogger, you must have known the time people regularly visit your blog, the time they visit more often is when you publish your new content.

13. Make use of Quora: Quora is a popular website where people ask questions and get answers from other visitors through comments. Being active by answering people's questions in Quora especially in your area of expertise can help boost your traffic if you run a blog in a same niche.

14. Have an attractive headline: headlines does a lot to your traffic. Nearly everyone sees your headline but few clicks on it. Making your headline captivating could do a lot to people clicking on it.

15. Slow loading websites: If your website takes time to load maybe due to so many plugins, widgets or heavy images could do a lot of harm to your blog. No visitor likes websites that takes time to load and this would lead to reduction in visitors.

16. Submit your blog to Google and Yahoo news: If you blog about news then this is an opportunity for you to earn lots of traffic. For applying to google news for your website to be included you can use that link. They turn a lot of requests down, read below for some few tips.

Here are the requirements you need to be accepted:

a. Your contents must be unique
b. There must be over one author in your blog
c. Server response time

Check out evancarmichael's blog to learn more tips about this.

17. Make your content easy to read: Earlier on i talked about writing much articles in other to be ranked well, but much words makes it difficult for people to read which could frustrate them to read a few from it. The solution to this problem is making use of sub headings and minor headings, and also adding colors to them could make your visitors easy to get the points they need.

18. Add social share buttons: Not adding social share buttons to your blog makes your blog posts not to be shared which in turn lowers your post visibility to many other people out there and this reduces your traffic.

19. Build your own website template or theme: If you have some knowledge about using html, you can create your own theme and a link to your blog at the footer of the template. This would appear on every page of the blog and could result in massive traffic.

20. Keyword research: Before publishing any post, kindly do a keyword research. According to Wikipedia, it is a practice search engine optimization (SEO) professionals use to find and research actual search terms that people enter into search engines.

21. Link to authority blogs: Getting links from other blogs does well in increasing your blog traffic but linking to other top blogs makes google to rank you high also. Google believes that your links to other top authoritative blogs in your niche proves you did your research well.

22. Understand your source of traffic: When you are able to analyze your traffic, you will understand the source and kind of posts that gives traffic to your blog. After your research work more on that source and your blog traffic will improve more.

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