Friday, 10 February 2017

30 Best Web Directories To Submit Your Website

Making money from blogging is one of the best feelings ever, but its not always fun at the beginning following the stress one passes through to make it. Posting contents in your blog is not the end of blogging you need to bring people to the website, just like we have telephone directories, we also have Website directories. Website directories are websites you can submit your website to in other for you to get a traffic from there and this also serves as a back link for your blog. Each Web directory website have categories where people submit there website to, according to the category that matches there website content.

Importance of Web Directories:

1. It increases your website popularity by bringing traffic to your blog.

2. It serves as a backlink for search engine optimization.

Here are all the list of all the website directories that you can submit your website to:

6. 9sites

7. Somuch

9. GainWeb

Remember to submit your website to the category that matches your website content because they all have their rules and may delete your submission if you submit in the wrong category, and please don't spam their websites by adding your contact details during submission except they allow such. Excessive submissions of your blog to many web directories could do much harm in your SEO ranking ( I will explain about SEO ranking later) when you over do such.

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