Thursday, 16 March 2017

Top 90 Best Blogging Niches With Millions Of Readers

Blogging niche is about what the content of your blog is all about. For example, a blog about food, its nutrients, how to prepare them and its related stuffs is a food niche blog or like mine is about making money online, so i will be taking you through on a variety of lists about blogging niches you can choose from. What new or upcoming bloggers don't know is that the niche you choose determines how successful your blog will be at the long run, a lot of people make this mistake of choosing the wrong niche and they end up with nothing.

4 ways to know you are in the wrong niche

  • When you lack what to write or find it very difficult to produce a content
  • Not having basic knowledge of the niche, example you might be a professional accountant and you jump into a blog about cars.
  • Not having passion for the niche
  • When there are much competition in your niche

Reasons You Need A Niche For Your Blog

You may be wondering why you should have a niche for your blog. Well here are reasons to have a niche for your blog;

To Focus: When you are blogging about different topics together in one blog, here are two things that takes place, one you confuse yourself and the second reason is you confuse your visitors. Except you have much budget with you then you can run it just like we have Dailymail.

For your visitors to find you: Being on a road to a destination creates purpose and popularity. You might not know much in that niche but as you write more and more your passion and experience grows and the visitors tend to recognize and bookmark your blog on the process. Another reason is the search engines takes note of your blog due to the constant and repeated keywords the crawlers go through.

Popularity: When you become an authority blogger in that niche, then you already a celebrity. This brings more income such as being called to give a speech in a gathering concerning your topic. This in turn creates trust for the author.

Time: Having a niche saves time for you because time spent in covering many different topics in your blog can wear you out.

Looking at the points above, if any of this is affecting you in your niche, then its time to think twice. The last point there is very important, you might escape all other points but when there is much competition in the topic you blog about then there's danger, unless you have a nice strategy in mind you can use to apply to turn the table around. The problem people face is the authority blogs in your niche may not allow you to appear in the first page of Google. Am going to list a lot of niches, starting from the general to the micro niches.

List of 90 Best Blogging Niche Ideas

1. Relationships
2. Dating
3. Friendship
4. Love sms
5. Tips to know the right person for you
6. How to love someone

7. Wedding fashion style/designs
8. Interior design
9. Fashion models
10. Makeup Tips
11.Tutorials about sewing
12. Fashion product reviews
13. Runway fashion
14. Celebrity fashion watch
15. Fashion models
16. Hats

17. How to pass your exams
18. Language learning blog
19. Best courses to study in college
20. Distance learning
21. Best online degrees
22. Adult education
23. Study tips

24. Music destinations
25. Hotel destinations
26. Country/City guides
27. Best budget for travelling
28. Travel adventure
29. How to prepare for travel

30. Interview questions
31. High paying jobs
32. How to write a job application
33. Getting the best job
34. Organise your CV

35. How to train your pet
36. Price of dogs
37. Train a cat
38. Take a dog for a walk
39. Services dogs
40. Horses

41. Profile of your favorite athlete
42. Sports news update
43. History of any sports
44. Rules of an unpopular sports

45. Latest development in health
46. Diet plans
47. Tips to quit bad habits
48. Stress management
49. Pregnancy information
50. Natural remedies
51. Diseases - symptoms and cure
52. Weight loss

53. Freelance writing
54. E-book writing
55. Marketing yourself as a writier
56. Writing Jobs
57. How to write a blog

58. Pet foods
59. How to make a (cake, salad etc)
60. Best recipes
61. Holiday cooking
62. Diabetic recipes

Technology & Gadgets 
63. Top android phones
64. Latest iPhones
65. Cheapest Phones
66. Watches
67. Head phones
68. Ipads
69. Newest gadgets
70. Automobile news updates
71. Computer softwares
72. Video games
73. Social media updates

74. Weird or strange news
75. Politics
76. World headlines
77. Gossips
78. Celebrities
79. Engineering news
80. Top list news blog

81. Reviews
82. Self defense
83. How to Play Guitar
84. Bullying/cyber bullying
85. Car maintenance
86. Ghost-hunting
87. Starting small businesses
88. Religious blog
89. Inspirational blog
90. Tourism

Please choose carefully from the above niches and make sure you have an idea of it. You can add yours in the comment box and please don't forget to share with friends using the share buttons.

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