Tuesday, 14 March 2017

How to Get Google Adsense Approved Easily, 7 Steps

Google adsense is the best advertising network in the wold used by many bloggers to monetize their blog. This article will be based more on Google adsense which has the highest cpc (cost per click), most trusted by all and also most difficult to get approved on. There are things that you need to do and some good steps to take, if your blog is just starting up or if it has been in existence. Even currently some ad companies don't allow you to work with them after reviewing your website. So let's go through all the things that needs to be done in your blog before you apply as a publisher with Google adsense.

List of  Requirements to have in your blog before you apply for Google Adsense
  • Blog Design 
  • About Us/Contact Us Page
  • Traffic
  • Consistency
  • Content
  • Privacy Policy
  • Use Copyright Images

1. Blog Design: your blog have to be well designed and arranged to make the people who visit your blog believe you are ready for business. A scattered blog doesn't create trust from your visitors it might even make them not to visit your website again, likewise the ad companies you want to work with as a publisher, they will see you that way too. Therefore make sure your blog is well designed with well arranged widgets. Don't add so much designs cause it may cause your blog loading time to be high which frustrates visitors, make it simple.

2. About Us/Contact Us Page: usually located at the top corner of the websites among the other pages is one of the most important feature in your website. No one takes you serious when they can't contact you for any type of information they want from you or for advertising purposes. The About us page gives information about your blog, it helps users to know the owner of the website or what the website is all about. This makes some ad companies believe you and work with you. Its a requirement before you apply

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3. Traffic: traffic is the number of visitors that visits your page, it's the bedrock of your blog. Think about football players playing in a stadium without people watching them, they will all get tired and leave the pitch, so it is with traffic without people viewing your post you won't be encouraged to write more. This is what enables you to make money from online advertising companies, please try and have at least 500 visitors who visits your blog daily before you apply as a publisher for ad companies, if you really want to make good money. Having a huge or low traffic is not a requirement to get approved by adsense, i added it because if you want to make money when approved, then you need to improve much in it. See my post about ways to get traffic to your blog.

4. Consistency: if you only post once a week, this would reduce your visitors interest in visiting your website, except you write evergreen posts(ie articles that does not fade away) which takes a lot of research, but that's still not the best approach. Make sure you are consistent to enable visitors keep coming to your website which in turn increase your traffic and increase your earnings. You can relax a bit when you have a decent traffic and much content which might be after a year or two.

5. Content: Content determines if you will be accepted by Google adsense. The things to put in mind is what type of content do you blog about? Is it of any benefit to the society? Does it help to solve problems? When your content is of importance to people then you are 70 percent close to getting approved. Another aspect here is, number of words in your posts. When each of your content is not up to 500 words then don't really bother to apply for adsense because the reply will always be, not enough content. Make sure some of your articles are above 1,500 words while the short ones should be at least 500 words. With about 15 well written posts of about 1500 words, you can apply.

6. Privacy Policy: Google adsense team are always interested in this. Privacy policy is simply a document or statement telling visitors to your site what information you collect and what you do with that information. This laws helps to regulate the way people's information are used in the world of online.

7. Use Copyright Images: Using copyrighted images could make your request to be declined. Make sure all images you use in your posts are not owned by other blogs or company websites. I will soon publish a post on Websites you can download non-copyright images.

Note: Not all the steps written here could land you an approved adsense, but it sure increases your chances of getting approved. Sometimes people get lucky and doesn't have to go through all the processes (laughs), the most important is don't copy content from other blogs or use images from others, and make sure your contents are at least 1500, although i have seen some people get approved with only 10 articles of about 1000 words per post. Enjoy.

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