Thursday, 4 May 2017

5 Evergreen Blogging Niches That Can Last For A Lifetime

What are Evergreen Niches? Let's get to know the meaning of the word evergreen, when it concerns plants, this are plants that has leaves throughout the year, always green. Bringing the word down to our topic, this are niches that doesn't fade away no matter how many years ago it was posted. You are reading this because in your mind its not about making quick money, you want to build an empire blog, something that will last for many years to come. If you are still confused about what i mean, never to worry i will explain it in a more better way. Let's go through blogging niches are not evergreen;
  • Fashion
  • News
  • Sports
  • Celebrity gossip

Taking a look at the above niches you will find out that once the owner of such blogs stops updating them the visitors begins to decline and the reason is all the above niches changes with time, no one goes back to read news of last month talk more last year. Those niches are good too but it requires much hard-work daily to meet up with the latest updates. That doesn't mean that evergreen niches doesn't require much hard-work, the difference is that you don't just have to be there daily or even weekly.

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How to earn money or manage money is a good example of an evergreen niche. Everyday a good percentage of the world population look for ideas on how to acquire wealth and better their lives. Here is your opportunity to help them by providing business ideas and steps to make it in the financial world. Do you know that this keyword make money has over 3,350,000 monthly searches? and not only that, check the best selling books in the world most are about getting rich. Being popular in this niche and selling your eBooks could turn your life around forever especially when you have a lot to offer your audience.

Just like a quote states; Health is wealth, this is a niche that hardly fades away no matter the number of years that have passed since the author posted it. Everyone wants to be healthy, so will always Google out certain solutions to their problems. Are you earning from Affiliate marketing or pay per click ads like Google adsense, this niche is very profitable because it has high cost per click ads and also the products you can market as an affiliate pays well also. There are some keywords you can take note of under this niche, this includes; Weight loss/diet, Disease and disorder, fitness and exercise and food.

Dating niche
Relationships are always around us, we cant live without mingling with our opposite sex. Marriages ends in divorce in this recent times, having a blog about dating tips, friendships and marriage advices can give you all the traffic you will ever need for a life time. You can write about;

  • How to have a successful marriage 
  • How to get the woman you want or the man you want 
  • How to be romantic and many more. 

Technology blog
Most technologies now last for years, i added this niche because tech is always there with us. Take for example GSMarena a blog about mobile phones have been around for over a decade and yet some of the phones they published back in 2008 is still searched by phone lovers. The evergreen stuff about this category is that you can focus on guides on how to do things in this niche instead of giving updates about new technologies. Here you find keywors such as Windows, PC, Cars, Android and many others.

How Tos 
If you check yourself you will find out that you always come to search engines to type How to do stuffs, well a million more people do so every second. A good example of a blog handling this niche is Wikihow, its not an easy niche though but you can find a micro niche under this category to focus on. The traffic is endless and is forever. This category can be classified under production of home made stuffs like how to make a paint, how to make a soap or it can be classified under health, such as how to get rid of pimples. This has shown that this niche is indeed endless and can last for a lifetime.

Note: Evergreen niches is not an easy thing to venture into, you need to do serious research for any article you write because its something that's expected to serve people for many years to come. Also keep your words simple and easy to understand, make your points visible and well arranged.

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