Friday, 15 December 2017

How To Make Money From Land

Many people don't seem to understand the uses of raw or virgin land. its one of the most profitable ventures beyond the imaginations of many. After going through this write up you are going to be surprised at the different uses of land. The good thing is that this job can be comfortably done part time. It can be used for leisure and can also be fun. Cost of land depends on the location, size, content, and the sellers willingness to reduce the price. the cost of land can be offset by installment so you do not fear if the cost exceeds your initial budget. Lets look at the creative ways of making money from land.

     FRUIT AND VEGETABLE : This can easily be done with the help of family and friends. proceeds from the farms can be used at home while the rest can be sold to local dealers. the type of crops you cultivate depends on the area you live. We have vegetables like cabbage, lettuce, spinach. Eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, pumpkin are good vegetables
    CATTLE AND MILKING : Land can also be used for cattle business. This can be done for beef or milk production(dairy). Cows eat a lot food daily especially if they are lactating. These grasses could be grown on the same land which is easier or cheaper to run. cows can also corn, wheat and hay if the natural grasses dries off. vitamins and minerals can also be added to improve quality of diet and increse productivity. There should be huge supply of fresh water because cows consumes huge quantity of water on a daily basis. Dairy cows must be milked on a daily basis. With this, you have abundance of meat, milk, cheese and some can be sold for extra income.
POULTRY EGGS, MEAT : poultry farm can be easily be set up on most lands. poultry can be used for egg or meat production. There are different methods used but a house have to be erected that will house the chickens. the intensive system where the chickens are mostly kept inside are expensive but more protective. Another method where they are allowed to roam about is more economical. The eggs and chickens can be used by the owner which is an excellent source of protein or sold for some profits. The eggs can be sold to local grocery stores or open market depending on your location. Care must be taken to avoid poultry diseases or handle them with appropriate medications.

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GOAT/SHEEP : raising goat/sheep is an excellent source of meat. you can do this onyour own or lease out to local farmers. good thing is that there is no significant damage to the property and it can be combined with other things like fish farming.

 RABBIT : Raising rabbits are not that much difficult. feeding and housing is just the only difficult partof it. This can be a pet project that you enjoy while doing.
PIGS : Raising pigs are quite lucrative and anexcellent supply of pork. They are easy to feed because they can eat scraps from your table as well as plants and animal  meals. Pigs produce lots of waste of products which can be used as manure. the pen should be partially covered to protect against bad weather.
 FINGERLINGS : Fish farming come in different ways, there are the hatchery that produce the fingerlings(baby fishes). You can use it to grow your own farm or supply to the local fish farmers who are into fish production without a personal hatchery. The fish ponds should be set up depending on the amount of fishes you want to have.
3. BEE KEEPING FOR HONEY : Beekeeping is essentially for honey production. which the farmer can use at home or sold for profit. Freshly made honeys are always the best.

4. HOLIDAY AND RECREATION : Having a good time out can be a whole lot of fun for yourself and others. houses can be built which can be used as a holiday destination. These can be rented out temporarily to people.

5. STUD SERVICES : This is a type of service where you keep male animals with good features and they are therefore used to breed female animals for a fee paid by the female animal owners. this can fetch good money if managed properly.  

6. COMPOST MANURE : This is natural and affordable. You can use your land mass produce this natural soil fertilizers for farm owners. most farmers don't have time to prepare this kind of fertilizers, so you can do this job for them for a fee. Using the dung from the farm animals makes it easier.

7. RENT WHOLE OR PORTION : Renting a portion of your land or the whole for a fee is one of the easiest way of making money with your land. The tenant can use the land for whatever purpose you agree with him. You can also recover your land whenever you want depending on the contractual agreement.

8. SELL WHOLE OR PORTION : This is real estate business. You buy a land, allow it to appreciate then sell for a higher fee. There factors that increase the fee such as the general development of the area, developing the land on your own. 

9.CAMPING : Land can be used as a camping site. You can provide private security as well as some other amenities if there is none to encourage people to come. All these for a little fee.

10. HORSE STABLE : Land can be use as a horse stable to breed and train horses which used for different purposes such as horse racing, sports, it can also be sold. The food for the horses can be grown within the stable.
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

How To Manage A Business Effectively

Managing a business can be challenging and demanding. Commitment, knowledge of the business, determination, finance and human management are essential in the start up and management of any business. Running a business requires a great deal of commitment and energy.

10 Points To Consider On How To Manage A Business

After setting up a business, the next step is to control and expand the business. For the business to grow there should be more planning and focus based on the experience so far. Work towards achieving your goals by training your staffs, increasing productions, increasing sales through improved marketing and advertisements.

Successful business leaders are well versed in the in the dealings of the industry. A manager have to understand the roles of the different positions they manage so they can make important decisions affecting the company such as promotion of staffs and even hiring new ones. It is difficult for a manager to gain the respect of staffs if he is not knowledgeable in the business. Leading by example is key for the staffs to respect the manager. Learning from other experienced and seasoned professionals is important and will help you avoid certain mistakes.

The bigger the company the more complex the structure becomes. Running a business requires a lot of work and creation of different departments including administrative unit, management of finances, laws and regulations to adhere to, employment or firing of workers, sales and marketing.depending on the size of the company it is important to break down each area into different departments. Each department should be occupied by qualified and experienced individuals that are professionals in there area of specialization. Those in an accounting department handle the finances and budgets for other departments and the company, the legal department handles matters such as laws, regulations, and insurance, while the human resources department handles employee matters including hiring, firing. A sales and marketing department will handle each matter dealing with sales or advertisement and promotions. For a business to be successful, each department while handling their own matters, must work effectively with one another.  The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) might be the founder or owner of the company, and therefore would only be responsible for reporting to other large shareholders. However, in most situations, the CEO reports to a board of directors or the owner of the company. In this way, they act according to the requirement of the board, implementing there decisions. A CEO may also work together with another executive, like a vice president or chairman, to make important business decisions.

To run a business successfully, you must be aware of all of the company's resources, including both finance and people. you need to know how much of each to allocate to the different departments to reach the desired results. Identify company assets like cash reserves and other assets that can be used when required. A scale of preference should be used in Assessing the needs of the company as they apply to your plan. Resources should be provided to the most important aspects. Statistical analysis is required inorder to examine past performances. Try to identify the successes and failures. Plan meetings with the employees to create plans or monitor progress. All reports have to be submitted and scrutinized. this method enables the management to track progress or deficiencies in there workers as well as the method the business is being managed.

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To implement the operational plan, the strength and weakness of the company must be considered. The strenght of a company includes workers experience and skills, assets, financial. The strength of the company should be used as an advantage to move the company forward. Weaknesses should also be identified, this can include poor performances, toomuch cost, incoherent organization, wrong area of concentration etc. Sometimes this problems can be hidden or undetected. This problems can be solved one after the order.  

Creating and reinventing the marketing strategies of the company goes a long way to expand the company's output. If you have the best products and it doesn't get to the consumers, then its worthless. Adverts and sponsorship creates awareness thereby expanding the business output.

If you are an employed manager, you have to stick to the objective of the company. If the board or owner expects you to take the business in a new direction and you focus on increasing sales, you might end up loosing your job.Try and find out the goals of the business so you can create plans and actualize them.

Is an informed estimate on how something will be. it can be about the industry or finance. there are different method of forecasting of which in most cases includes government policies, competitors, statistical data of income and expenditure, natural events such as weather and man made events like sports competitions. This events increase or decrease the company's success. A major event such as the football world cup that is coming up will lead to an increased demand for sports wears such as jerseys. A sports wear manufacturing company have to increase production and marketing to make more sales.

Business owners have to be aware of laws guiding regulating there business. these laws and regulations should be studied by those in management positions to ensure that their company's operations are consistently up to date with current changes. industrial and labour laws vary from state to state and country to country.

Customers satisfaction is key to the success of any business. The biggest businesses are the ones with the happiest or most satisfied customers.

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Sunday, 10 December 2017

How To Make Money From Public Speaking

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To make money in public speaking is a straight foward thing. You have to posses the ability which mostly have to do with the boldness, calmness and eloquence and knowledge of the topic discussed. But the ultimate question is 'HOW DO YOU MAKE MONEY FROM IT OR GET PAID?'. Most people dream about becoming millionaires with the admiration and even veneration from the crowd being a joy to them. The good thing about this job is that it can be done part time.

Keys To Public Speaking And Ways That Speakers Make Money

1. Know your area of specialization: knowing the sector to stick to is key. it can be your profession, your passion in life such as romance and relationships, life motivation or what you are good at. Being jack of all trades at the beginning is not helpful, starting with your best is usually the best and will ease you into your career.

2. Make proper research: information are now at our finger tips. Getting acquainted with your area of specialization is one of the cornerstones to success in this business. All the necessary information have tobe at your fingertips. once on stage, you are like a search engine to the audience and any answer provided by you will be taken automatically. The internet is an ocean of information but the information you get from experienced and seasoned public speakers is invaluable. Following there careers is beneficial and will teach you important lessons on how to channel your career. Attend public events to get necessary connections.

3. Advertise yourself: you have to brand yourself. Every business has to do with branding, you are now a
public speaking consultant of your own making and you have to set a price for your potential clients. Its usually small at the begining in order to make a name for yourself. learn how to deal with customers never lay to much emphasis on money. let your quality shine through. you will retain the client and there is a possibility of meeting more potential clients during or after the events. Tell friends and colleagues. make use of social media and internet can go to companies and submit your well detailed profile. Companies involved in advertising and marketing are usually the best. creating popularity is important but takes time.

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4. Sell your products: this is one of the major purposes of public speaking. motivated audience are always willing to buy whatever the speaker offers as longer as it will enable them achieve the purpose they have been motivated for. These are in the form books, CDs, pamphlets dealing on same or different topics. Product can be combined with speaking fees example a 3 day training fee plus CD.

5. Sale your services: training around the world are one of the important services needed by most companies. every forward thinking company wants there employees tobe more effective and competitive and they therefore commit significant amount of money tothe training of this staffs. If you have the knowledge and experience to increase sales, productivity, or other key business sectors, then training might be you area.

6. Organise seminars: seminars cover topics which vary as widely as the interests of audiences. The audiences mostly attend free of charge but money is made through sale of products such as CDs books and after event services such as training of company staffs.

7. Do follow up: getting contacts of your audience and keeping in touch with them is important in making after event sales. reminding them with newsletter of same or different topics through mails as well as text messages periodically.

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