Friday, 15 December 2017

How To Make Money From Land

Many people don't seem to understand the uses of raw or virgin land. its one of the most profitable ventures beyond the imaginations of many. After going through this write up you are going to be surprised at the different uses of land. The good thing is that this job can be comfortably done part time. It can be used for leisure and can also be fun. Cost of land depends on the location, size, content, and the sellers willingness to reduce the price. the cost of land can be offset by installment so you do not fear if the cost exceeds your initial budget. Lets look at the creative ways of making money from land.

     FRUIT AND VEGETABLE : This can easily be done with the help of family and friends. proceeds from the farms can be used at home while the rest can be sold to local dealers. the type of crops you cultivate depends on the area you live. We have vegetables like cabbage, lettuce, spinach. Eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, pumpkin are good vegetables
    CATTLE AND MILKING : Land can also be used for cattle business. This can be done for beef or milk production(dairy). Cows eat a lot food daily especially if they are lactating. These grasses could be grown on the same land which is easier or cheaper to run. cows can also corn, wheat and hay if the natural grasses dries off. vitamins and minerals can also be added to improve quality of diet and increse productivity. There should be huge supply of fresh water because cows consumes huge quantity of water on a daily basis. Dairy cows must be milked on a daily basis. With this, you have abundance of meat, milk, cheese and some can be sold for extra income.
POULTRY EGGS, MEAT : poultry farm can be easily be set up on most lands. poultry can be used for egg or meat production. There are different methods used but a house have to be erected that will house the chickens. the intensive system where the chickens are mostly kept inside are expensive but more protective. Another method where they are allowed to roam about is more economical. The eggs and chickens can be used by the owner which is an excellent source of protein or sold for some profits. The eggs can be sold to local grocery stores or open market depending on your location. Care must be taken to avoid poultry diseases or handle them with appropriate medications.

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GOAT/SHEEP : raising goat/sheep is an excellent source of meat. you can do this onyour own or lease out to local farmers. good thing is that there is no significant damage to the property and it can be combined with other things like fish farming.

 RABBIT : Raising rabbits are not that much difficult. feeding and housing is just the only difficult partof it. This can be a pet project that you enjoy while doing.
PIGS : Raising pigs are quite lucrative and anexcellent supply of pork. They are easy to feed because they can eat scraps from your table as well as plants and animal  meals. Pigs produce lots of waste of products which can be used as manure. the pen should be partially covered to protect against bad weather.
 FINGERLINGS : Fish farming come in different ways, there are the hatchery that produce the fingerlings(baby fishes). You can use it to grow your own farm or supply to the local fish farmers who are into fish production without a personal hatchery. The fish ponds should be set up depending on the amount of fishes you want to have.
3. BEE KEEPING FOR HONEY : Beekeeping is essentially for honey production. which the farmer can use at home or sold for profit. Freshly made honeys are always the best.

4. HOLIDAY AND RECREATION : Having a good time out can be a whole lot of fun for yourself and others. houses can be built which can be used as a holiday destination. These can be rented out temporarily to people.

5. STUD SERVICES : This is a type of service where you keep male animals with good features and they are therefore used to breed female animals for a fee paid by the female animal owners. this can fetch good money if managed properly.  

6. COMPOST MANURE : This is natural and affordable. You can use your land mass produce this natural soil fertilizers for farm owners. most farmers don't have time to prepare this kind of fertilizers, so you can do this job for them for a fee. Using the dung from the farm animals makes it easier.

7. RENT WHOLE OR PORTION : Renting a portion of your land or the whole for a fee is one of the easiest way of making money with your land. The tenant can use the land for whatever purpose you agree with him. You can also recover your land whenever you want depending on the contractual agreement.

8. SELL WHOLE OR PORTION : This is real estate business. You buy a land, allow it to appreciate then sell for a higher fee. There factors that increase the fee such as the general development of the area, developing the land on your own. 

9.CAMPING : Land can be used as a camping site. You can provide private security as well as some other amenities if there is none to encourage people to come. All these for a little fee.

10. HORSE STABLE : Land can be use as a horse stable to breed and train horses which used for different purposes such as horse racing, sports, it can also be sold. The food for the horses can be grown within the stable.

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