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How To Make Money From Public Speaking

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To make money in public speaking is a straight foward thing. You have to posses the ability which mostly have to do with the boldness, calmness and eloquence and knowledge of the topic discussed. But the ultimate question is 'HOW DO YOU MAKE MONEY FROM IT OR GET PAID?'. Most people dream about becoming millionaires with the admiration and even veneration from the crowd being a joy to them. The good thing about this job is that it can be done part time.

Keys To Public Speaking And Ways That Speakers Make Money

1. Know your area of specialization: knowing the sector to stick to is key. it can be your profession, your passion in life such as romance and relationships, life motivation or what you are good at. Being jack of all trades at the beginning is not helpful, starting with your best is usually the best and will ease you into your career.

2. Make proper research: information are now at our finger tips. Getting acquainted with your area of specialization is one of the cornerstones to success in this business. All the necessary information have tobe at your fingertips. once on stage, you are like a search engine to the audience and any answer provided by you will be taken automatically. The internet is an ocean of information but the information you get from experienced and seasoned public speakers is invaluable. Following there careers is beneficial and will teach you important lessons on how to channel your career. Attend public events to get necessary connections.

3. Advertise yourself: you have to brand yourself. Every business has to do with branding, you are now a
public speaking consultant of your own making and you have to set a price for your potential clients. Its usually small at the begining in order to make a name for yourself. learn how to deal with customers never lay to much emphasis on money. let your quality shine through. you will retain the client and there is a possibility of meeting more potential clients during or after the events. Tell friends and colleagues. make use of social media and internet can go to companies and submit your well detailed profile. Companies involved in advertising and marketing are usually the best. creating popularity is important but takes time.

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4. Sell your products: this is one of the major purposes of public speaking. motivated audience are always willing to buy whatever the speaker offers as longer as it will enable them achieve the purpose they have been motivated for. These are in the form books, CDs, pamphlets dealing on same or different topics. Product can be combined with speaking fees example a 3 day training fee plus CD.

5. Sale your services: training around the world are one of the important services needed by most companies. every forward thinking company wants there employees tobe more effective and competitive and they therefore commit significant amount of money tothe training of this staffs. If you have the knowledge and experience to increase sales, productivity, or other key business sectors, then training might be you area.

6. Organise seminars: seminars cover topics which vary as widely as the interests of audiences. The audiences mostly attend free of charge but money is made through sale of products such as CDs books and after event services such as training of company staffs.

7. Do follow up: getting contacts of your audience and keeping in touch with them is important in making after event sales. reminding them with newsletter of same or different topics through mails as well as text messages periodically.

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